Full and Partial Dentures

Dentures and Partials in Guymon, OK - Thrall Dental Care“I don’t have enough teeth to chew with.”

“My teeth all hurt and are badly broken.”

​”I have many loose teeth and sore gums.”

​Do any of these statements sound familiar?

​If so, you may benefit from removing some or all of your teeth and replacing them with dentures. Dentures are a good option if you need to replace many teeth at once in an efficient manner.

Are Dentures Very Cosmetic?

Denture technology has advanced so that dentures appear extremely natural. Many patients go from being embarrassed about how their teeth look to being proud of their smile. Helping patients smile confidently again is one of the things that Dr. Thrall enjoys most. Are you ready to get your smile back?

Can I Eat Like I Used To?

Dr. Thrall will work with you to adjust your dentures until they are comfortable, but using dentures is a learned skill just like riding a bicycle. As you practice eating, you will be able to eat more and more foods. However, if you cannot eat well with dentures alone, you can improve your ability to chew by attaching dental implants to your dentures. This will anchor your dentures to your bone and stabilize your dentures significantly.

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